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2020 Consumer Outlook on Product and Purchasing

COVID-19 Consumer Spending Report

Influence of COVID-19 on Consumer Spending by Channel

The Store of Tomorrow

Modernize Your Go-To-Market: How Retail Brands Can Reimagine Product Development

Chris Hull, former Chief Merchandising Officer at Shinola, shares his perspective on the opportunity in front of retail brands to modernize how they bring products to market.

Gen Z doesn't want to pay full price for apparel

According to a recent MakerSights report emailed to Retail Dive, 75% of Gen Z respondents said they preferred to shop in store, but when asked where they “actually shop,” most Gen Z shoppers said they bought goods online. The report also indicated that about 67% of Gen Z shoppers are influenced by social media ads, followed by email and TV ads.

2019 State of Technology in Retail


The incredible opportunity for global brands

One of the most magical things about the retail industry is that brands have the ability to bring people together from different places and cultures and unify them through self-expression.

The challenges with selling internationally

According to a recent MakerSights report emailed to Retail Dive, 75% of Gen Z respondents said they preferred to shop in store, but when asked where they “actually shop,” most Gen Z shoppers said they bought goods online. The report also indicated that about 67% of Gen Z shoppers are influenced by social media ads, followed by email and TV ads.

What Sustainable Initiatives Do You Think Consumers Value?


Starting with the end in mind

There are many steps along the traditional go-to-market path where these cross-functional collaborators meet to discuss (some would say argue) about what styles to bring to market, what functional features to include, what colors should be global must buys and the cultural differences for each of the consumer sets across the global marketplace. 

How Does Generation Z Shop?

Four Retail Tech Expectations For 2019


Analytics are reshaping fashion's old-school instincts

New data-driven platforms are informing the buying and product decisions of brands. But data has its limits.

Work Evolved: Building A Successful Multigenerational Workforce

“As demographics shift, and with the rapid pace of baby boomers retiring and the start of Generation Z joining the workforce, workplace culture will inevitably change, affecting our habits and ultimately, how we work together.”

The consumer trends with Pantone colors retailers should know

“Consumer insights firm MakerSights questioned 1,000 Americans to determine which colors highlighted in the Pantone Fashion Trend Report consumers are most interested in shopping for the Spring 2019 season.”

Your key account’s customers are your secret sell-in advantage

For a smaller brand, this single meeting represents five to ten million dollars worth of sales to this retailer. For large brands the stakes are much higher. If the buyer doesn’t like a season’s colorways or fabric selections this meeting could result in a line failing before it ever hits the shelves. 

Avoiding landfills: Seven Ways Retail is Accelerating Sustainability

Should being stylish be bad for the environment? The clothing industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, second only to the oil industry. While significant gains have been made towards sustainability in retail much more can be done across the entire industry.

Crowdsourcing can enable retailers to scale more quickly

Brands including Ralph Lauren, Sperry, Lucky Brand, MM LaFleur and True Religion are turning to a predictive analytics platform called MakerSights to help inform their product design and development.

New Report Reveals 3 Hottest Colors for Spring 2019

Among the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report’s palette for spring and summer, the deepest hues apparently make the grade with U.S. consumers.

Matt Field, president and cofounder of MakerSights, shares his insights into where retail technology is headed.

Exclusive Q&A: Shinola President Reveals How Customer Insights Shape Evolving Loyalty Strategy

“We’ve worked with 7th Sense to do in-depth consumer research and define the profiles of the Shinola customer. We also have utilized MakerSights as a way of predicting future trends and products to get early feedback from our customers.”

Producing a big impact in the Chinese market

I put together my assortment, worked with the local China team to determine the depth of buy and then waited in anticipation for the product to arrive in-market.  Sure I had a few winners with classics. But my performance footwear and apparel wasn’t selling. 

MakerSights in 90 Seconds

by Joan


Why is the fashion supply chain so wasteful?

Embracing digital: why it matters in retail and 3 tips on where to start

7,000. That’s the number of US retail doors that closed in 2017 – a record high – according to Fung Global Retail & Technology group. And for those hoping for a change in fortune this year, look away now. 




Merchants, meet your customers.

MakerSights Unveils Next-Gen Product Decision Platform Aligned to the Retail Calendar to Empower Brands to Reduce Gap Between Products Made and What Consumers Buy

IPSO: How Adidas Terex now wants to broaden horizons

“In order to get to know our consumers even better, we use a special research tool in cooperation with the provider MakerSights. Gather real-time consumer feedback – whether on designs, materials, colour paths, functionality or price points – and implement it directly in our products.”

How Soludos is using AI to make decisions about product design

Overall sales have grown by 100% and the brand has been able to “increase sales dramatically on less inventory than previously carried”

Empower your Product Teams

The complex science of a simple quiz

Immortalised by teen magazines and Buzzfeed, the humble quiz has matured into a powerful online tool for personalising recommendations, building customer loyalty and even recruiting new hires. So how do you design the perfect set of questions? Vogue Business speaks to the experts.

From Intelligence to Imagination

“”Prior to using MakerSights, we simply looked at sales histories and used our best judgment to predict future trends,” he says. “Since we started with MakerSights we’ve tested some 300 products with the system, which generated about 30,000 customer responses. Those have in turn generated almost 9 million product reviews.””

How AI Is Helping Brands Like Shinola Harvest Insights For Better Design

There’s an abundance of information online, especially about clothing companies. With just a few clicks, it’s easy to read reviews, feedback and concerns generated by real customers. And now, thanks to powerful listening technology, the brands themselves are reviewing this data to improve their products.


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