We spent our first ever week working on MakerSights in a way that might sound counter-intuitive for a startup software company – we drove ourselves to a cabin in the woods, fully disconnected from the outside world, and thought deeply about the type of company we wanted to build.

We didn’t spend our early days honing our product specifications or writing initial lines of code; we believed that there was something even more fundamental to the long-term success of our budding venture: determining how we create an environment that attracts and inspires top tier talent.

Knowing that we would never be able to compete with the Googles and Facebooks of the world in terms of the perks and cash compensation we could offer, we decided that week (and immortalized in our “promise to employees”) that we would attract and retain exceptional talent with a currency that has proven even more valuable to the right people: empowerment.

This commitment to empowerment has not wavered, and the fruits of this commitment have continued to surprise us, delight us and inspire us. At MakerSights individuals are empowered to do more and take on more business responsibilities — but also to be shapers themselves of our culture and initiatives. Our commitment to sustainability initiatives and our “green goblin awards,” dance party gif Fridays on Slack, impromptu cross-team runs along the Embarcadero after work — each of these cultural mainstays were organically created by the team to keep things fresh and maintain MakerSights as a fun place to be.

When we started MakerSights, we sought to create a multi-decade business. In fact, one of our four core values is “In it for the long haul.” So while our growth creates constant pressure to hire quickly, we have kept a really high bar for new employees joining the team that raise the bar on talent and embrace and add to our culture. And we do this because we know that top talent demands to work alongside others of their caliber and alongside people who share their values. Each new team member adds a skillset, capability or knowledge base that elevates the company, and once they’re part of the team we make a purposeful commitment to each team members’ own personal growth and development. We hire people with high aspirations who challenge us and who themselves raise the bar for what’s possible.

We feel very fortunate to be working alongside such an inspiring team. That’s a special thing to be able to say and to mean.

We look forward to the future — embracing the challenges, bouncing back from the failures, and celebrating the successes — alongside a team that’s empowered to take on the world. We are so proud to be named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2019.

Dan and Matt

We got a few additional quotes from the team that we’d like to share about the moment.

“Where do I even start?! Working with MakerSights is a complete dream job! What stands out to me most has to be the people. Everyone who works at MakerSights are extremely high caliber, intelligent and very, very talented at what they do, all while being fun, caring and just an all around good time! It sounds cliche, but I would definitely consider us as having a work hard, play hard mentality. As one of our full time remote employees I am thrilled that we have such an engaging and all around inclusive team mentality, whether everyone is physically at the main San Francisco office, or if everyone is spread out across the world (which does happen from time to time), everyone is mindful of others, truly accountable and just all around rockstars both professionally and personally.” – Devin Schvaneveldt

“I love working at MakerSights, because I get to walk into an office every morning, filled with people, who are incredibly passionate about their work, challenge me to be better, celebrate my successes, help me learn from my failures.” – Anatol Gudenus

“I want to be at MakerSights every single day. There’s an abundance of support, success, and togetherness. We tackle big challenges, we celebrate wins, and we learn together. Work should feel this superb for everyone.” – Noah Wisnia

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