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Dream Team: 2019 edition

We spent our first ever week working on MakerSights in a way that might sound counter-intuitive for a startup software company - we drove ourselves to a cabin in the woods, fully disconnected from the outside world, and thought deeply about the type of company we...

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Fireside Chat: Jeff Barrett

At Makersights, we are fortunate to have a group of technology and retail leaders who support us. These are wonderfully talented people who have shaped their industries and who choose to spend time with us in intimate settings. They share their stories, experiences,...

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An Evening with Barbara Bradley Baekgaard

Earlier this month, the women of MakerSights journeyed to New York City to kick off a women’s initiative within our organization. As a diverse group of women, from differing disciplines and with varying backgrounds, the goal of our trip was to discuss our experiences...

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Fireside Chat with Lisa Bougie

One of the most exciting parts of building a retail company in the Bay Area is the opportunity to work alongside leaders and thinkers who embrace technology, and often adopt early. At MakerSights, we have a tradition of hosting Fireside Chats. These unique experiences...

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In Review

2018. Even with the renewed excitement and new initiatives that come with a brand new year, it is readily apparent that this past year will not be easily forgotten. In equal parts fun & formative, see below for some of the highlights of 2018 across the...

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Second Life

Every Monday morning... After sprinting a block to catch the bus, I snag a seat, if lucky, attempt to stifle heavy breathing and hit play on a podcast series called Second Life. Second Life is a weekly series spotlighting successful women who’ve made major career...

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Every November marks the time of year that we reflect on the fortune of good friends, food, and family. It also ushers in an important time for retail with Black Friday, serving as the official kickoff to the holiday season, and skyrocketing consumer spending on...

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Retail executives, tech founders & industry thought leaders all merged last week in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for THE LEAD summit. The event celebrated The Foremost 50 – a group of digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) who are shaking up the industry, as well as...

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A Multifaceted North Face

In the city of San Francisco, you will find three North Face stores within three square miles. Within the walls of each store however, you will find a unique experience — different product, different employees and a totally different aesthetic — each intended to speak...

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Retail 101

BILL NYE "EVERYONE YOU WILL EVER MEET KNOWS SOMETHING YOU DON'T." As MakerSights grows at a good clip, the team continues to prioritize an even split of talent between technical/engineering expertise and customer facing skill sets with prior retail industry...

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Modern Merchandising

As a former merchant turned consultant to merchants, I’ve had my fair share of exposure to production calendars, line reviews & selling meetings. In reflecting on my experiences over the last decade, I realized that although the retail industry itself has...

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Hello, 2018!

THOUGHTS FOR THE NEW YEAR We grabbed a few minutes with our founders to reflect on 2017 and share some plans for the upcoming year. Here's what they had to say. Q: What changes have you seen in the industry? Matt Renewed focus on supply chain speed /...

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MM.LaFleur boosts customer engagement

The relationship between customers and brands has been analyzed and dissected over the past decade as retail businesses evolve and we all try to understand where, how, when, and why customers make purchases. At MakerSights, we are no stranger to the race to understand...

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