Meet Our Team

We’re building a high-caliber team that’s motivated by the challenge of helping the retail industry become faster, smarter, and more customer centric.

It takes a stellar team to build a transformational product

We’re a merry band of strategists and scientists, retail veterans and seasoned engineers.

Dan Leahy
Co-founder and CEO
Matt Field
Co-founder and President
Mike Mullins
Director of Engineering / Resident Nerd
Joan Maxwell
Retail Consultant
Mike Hourigan
VP Sales
Nicole Greenwell
Chief of Staff
Devin Schvaneveldt
UI / UX / Product Design
Skyler Davis
Karen Hsing
Software Engineer
Katie Howard
Solutions Consultant
Timur Sadykhov
Full Stack Engineer
Chase Fleming
Front-End Engineer
Chris Hull
Senior Advisor
Courtney Barr
Customer Success
James Rajasingh
Business Development
Matt Larsen
Jon O’Shaughnessy
Head of Product
Christina Stilianos
Customer Success
Zack Evans
Business Development
Anatol Gudenus
Joshua Chemparathy
Data Analyst
Justin Womersley
VP Engineering
Nate Sprenkel
Frank Schuetz
Data Science
Hilary Schwartz
Customer Success
Cristiana Principato
Data Scientist
Katie McKernan
Kevin Foster
Software Engineer
Arefe Dalvandi
Software Engineer
Shermineh Ghane
Product Manager
Gino Jokbengboon
Customer Success


Jeff Barrett

CTO, Stitch Fix

Elizabeth Spaulding

Partner, Head of Digital, Bain & Co.

Hayley Barna

Partner, First Round Capital

We’re Hiring

Interested in joining us on this adventure? We’re always looking for talented people, and would love to meet you.

Our Culture

Passion above all

We get our energy by partnering with people who love what they do, both inside and outside the office.

Bias for action

We encourage calculated risk-taking. Make a plan, put it into action, learn and iterate. That’s how we all get better.

Embrace Feedback

Like our brand partners, we all appreciate the importance of giving and receiving feedback.

No Excuses

It’s important we identify problems, but far more important that we propose solutions to solve them.

Quarterly Team Fun

Another way to express our passion! Quarterly team events that reflect our hobbies and interests.

Fireside Chats

Sit down monthly with some of the most influential leaders in retail & tech to learn from their perspectives and stories

What It’s Like at MakerSights

Passion that energizes us every day

“At the end of each day, it’s not about titles here, it’s all about passion and top quality work.”– Nicole (strategic engagement, mother to a golden retriever puppy, Beau)

Creating compelling solutions to tough problems

“There is a tremendous sense of achievement in nailing the solution to a difficult problem that impacts thousands of brands and hundreds of millions of customers.”

– Matt #2 (data scientist, official MS wine expert – trust us, he passed our blind tasting!)

A partner to the best global brands

“It’s so gratifying to enable the brightest creative talents to use our platform to elevate their decision making and refine the mix of art & science. It’s also super cool to watch the next few seasons’ designs unfold from the world’s best brands!”– Amy (strategic engagement, and she’s actually engaged)

Best teamwork on the planet

“The opportunity to teach and learn from each other through participation & open discussion is something I appreciate every day.”– Skyler (sales, Olympic level skier, Bay Area novice)

Transparency and Autonomy

“We have daily accessibility to the cofounders, but autonomy to choose how to achieve our goals.”– Mike (engineer, wins the puppy contest with 2 golden retrievers – yes, 2!)

Care for the whole person, not just the 9-5 one

“I feel respected, and fitting life & work together isn’t a big deal here.”– Devin (Design, father to 4, Hawaii resident, complains about the Bay Area weather on every visit)

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