sustainability in fashion

Sustainability in Retail

When consumers think about sustainable apparel they value the materials above all else. Most important to consumers are recycled materials, followed up by sustainable materials and ethically-sourced materials. Consumers view Low-emissions transportation, clothing buy-back programs, and vegan materials as the least important sustainable initiatives.

It's Cool to be Sustainable. But it's not easy.

Brands are amping up sustainability initiatives in response to demand from Millennial and Gen Z consumers, but can fashion’s current model of conspicuous consumption ever be considered sustainable? From fast fashion to luxury, big brands want consumers to know they care about the environment.

Clothing You Don’t Have To Wash, Explained


A Rare Look Inside Zara

Menswear Brand Adopts A Repair Program To Make Fashion More Eco-Friendly

Sustainability in Retail: What Sustainable Initiatives Do You Think Consumers Value?


The Chuck Taylor Adapts to a Sustainable Era

Stella McCartney Taps Anti-Consumption Activists to Sell More Clothes

The eco-conscious label’s new campaign highlights the delicate balance brands and activists navigate when working together.

4 Things Brands Should Do For the Environment Instead of Launching a New Sustainable Line

The pace of sustainability progress in fashion industry has slowed by a third in the past year, says the 2019 update of Pulse of the Fashion Industry, an annual assessment of the industry’s environmental and social performance in terms of the Pulse Score. It is also not moving fast enough to counterbalance the harmful impact of the industry’s rapid growth.

Once the domain of thrifty fashion students, some of the industry’s hottest designers and biggest brands are incorporating leftover fabric, unsold clothes and vintage textiles into their clothes.

Washington, D.C., will run on 100% renewable electricity by 2032

Why are fashion supply chains so wasteful?

Nike Joins UN Climate Change and Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action


From Discarded Bottle to Timeless Style- Explore the Making of the Earth Polo

Adidas is turning plastic ocean waste into sneakers and sportswear

Adidas makes over 400 million pairs of shoes every year. Manufacturing that many shoes requires a lot of resources. But constantly creating new materials…

Prada Sets Goal to Phase Out Virgin Nylon by 2021

The Italian luxury group is launching a range of its nylon bags using recycled material, joining a spate of brands that have introduced similar initiatives.

In the early days of e-commerce, deep-pocketed companies like Amazon offered free shipping and returns to juice growth and help customers overcome their misgivings about ordering online. These standards have been adopted en masse by retailers, including debt-ridden Gap and Neiman Marcus, who can’t afford not to match the competition.

Sonia Martin on Going From Juicy Couture to Everlane VP of Design

As a design team, all of us set the challenge that everything we do goes back to raw materials, looking at all of our ingredients and how can they be cleaner or more responsibly sourced, from organic cottons to regenerated wool, to non-virgin plastics. That’s our day job focusing on fabrics, the latest innovation and technology and applying them to modern silhouettes.

Nike is launching a guide to sustainability for brands–get it here

What is the Slow Fashion Movement?


Veja, Rothy’s and Allbirds are three sustainable brands that have cracked the formula for creating ethical shoes that are also money spinners.

Adidas Invented a Shoe that Can Be Ground Up and Made Into a New Sneaker

Adidas has introduced a new sneaker that it’s calling the first of its kind. Named the Futurecraft.Loop, it’s a performance running shoe that can be 100% ground up and melted back into raw materials for a brand-new shoe—without any waste.

5 Takeaways From Fashion’s Sustainability Summit

The industry’s annual gathering in Copenhagen had an ominous conclusion: time is running out, and there’s a lot still to be done.


It affects us all.

What we buy.
What we put on our plates.
How we use our energy.
What we recycle.
What we waste.
 How we travel.
How we stay informed.
What we talk about.
What we know.
How we understand Climate Change.
The truth is worth it.

Brands, Retailers Look for New, Sustainable Ways to Do Business

REI Gives $1 Million to Study Benefits of Nature, Boost #OutsideForAll

J.Crew and Madewell Launch Fair Trade Certified Denim Collection

The J.Crew Group and Fair Trade USA have formed a partnership to introduce a Fair Trade Certified denim collection for men and women. Sold at J.Crew and Madewell stores and on the retailers’ websites, the new clothing ranges from $60 to $128.


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