State of Retail 2019: Generation Z

How does Generation Z shop?

Generation Z encompasses individuals born between 1994 & 2001, which makes the oldest now turning 25. This generation encompasses a wide variety of consumers evaluating their approach to fashion and shopping. They range from just graduating high school, to taking their first legal sip of alcohol to completing their third year at a company. Generation Z is taking a pragmatic and moderate approach to shopping — for now. However, the urgency is critical for retailers and brands — delight and hook Generation Z in their 20s and they will remain customers in their 30s & 40s. The race is on.

When asked where they prefer to shop, Generation Z overwhelmingly preferred shopping in-store versus online. However, when asked where they actually shop, we found most Generation Z consumers answered with “online”. While Generation Z shoppers generally enjoy the in-store shopping experience, they tend to make purchases online due to convenience. It might be beneficial for retailers to research methods to make in-store shopping more convenient and accessible to the Generation Z audience.

Overall, a majority of Generation Z shoppers consider their clothing style to be athleisure. Other leading styles include street, business casual, and preppy. However, this style changes depending on whether the consumer likes to shop or does not. The two leading styles for Generation Z lovers of shopping were athleisure and street. The Generation Z shoppers who dislike shopping only had one leading style which was business casual. 

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