Seasonal assortments that smash financial goals without compromising your gut or authentic brand voice

MakerSights supports merchant teams from concept through customer. We’re there with you every step of the way from the big picture vision for the season down to the minutiae specifics required to orchestrate your seasonal plan. Quickly discover what your consumers crave most and access high-value recommendations to make informed decisions, so you can deliver productive, trend-right product across categories, season after season. MakerSights helps you take calculated risks, understand demand and make strategic adjustments so you limit loss and maximize revenue.

Support your gut on tough decisions that could make or break a collection

After kicking off of a new season, you have set the vision for the new collection and begun a new development cycle. Hundreds of decisions await you and the team as you embark on a new season. But you’re also working on multiple seasons at once, each at different stages of development. It feels comfortable to recreate past winners, but merely creating the same thing again won’t meet your seasonal growth targets.

  • Get an early read on emerging trends to determine if they will land
  • Reduce opinion driven meetings by aligning global and regional teams to a shared data set
  • Accelerate product development decision cycles to pull decision timelines closer to market, to maximize the power of like for like seasonal data
  • Gain time back in your calendar when frictionless decisions reduce meeting complexity 

CTA: Decision Support One-Pager

Timely information at your fingertips when your team makes critical decisions to shape the collection

Tailored to your specific product development calendar, each season’s key milestones are automatically supported with the information you need to make the right decision. Whether you’re leading a global line adoption meeting or influencing sell-in at your most important account/region, MakerSights empowers you to drive consensus to advance your collection quickly through the decision chain.

  • Systematically understand how designs stack-up against competitors
  • Take the pulse of your consumers with quick questions to backup early hypothesis
  • Eliminate legacy pricing habits that limit product design
  • Backup your hindsight / teardown conclusions with intel from your store associates

CTA: Voice of Consumer >> Something on Pulse or Store Associates

Maintain tightly choreographed handovers between cross-functional teams to meet important milestones and ensure on-time delivery  

Streamline the product development process and maximize milestone meeting productivity to spend valuable time and resources where they are needed most. By embracing an agile consumer-centric culture of data-driven decision making, you reduce costs in sampling budgets and accelerate your time to market. Align with cross-functional partners on key styles, sales targets and investments, regional or category differences to tap into new areas of opportunity.

  • Data-informed line plans allow design reviews to not become personal
  • Strategically align storytelling between marketing and product to calibrate stock to demand
  • Gather timely feedback from stores, web merchants and wholesalers that is digestible and easy to action

CTA: Agile Blog Post

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