We grabbed a few minutes with our founders to reflect on 2017 and share some plans for the upcoming year. Here’s what they had to say.

Q: What changes have you seen in the industry?


  • Renewed focus on supply chain speed / responsiveness
  • Increased proactive efforts across brands to understand, reach, and appeal to a younger customer base
  • The effectiveness and proliferation of micro-influencers as a marketing tool across the industry (particularly on social media)
  • Growing commitment from senior leadership to invest in data (both internal and external) as a necessary pillar paired alongside creative intuition


  • Focus on tighter, more productive assortments and rationalized store footprints
  • Brands re-thinking wholesale distribution strategy (with deciding whether to sell directly on Amazon an increasingly urgent strategic decision)

Q: What are your predictions for 2018?


  • Continued brand focus on increasing responsiveness and reaction speed to customer trends
  • Continued expansion of smaller, more curated retail locations


  • Brands increasing their focus + investment in creating meaningful direct relationships with customers (transactional + non-transactional)
  • More partnership between brands and retailers around data sharing, particularly regarding customer data and purchase patterns

Q: Favorite TV show of 2017?

Stranger Things, Season 2 -Matt

Abstract (particularly the Tinker Hatfield documentary) -Dan

+ what are you planning to binge watch in 2018?

2018 Olympics -Dan

The Crown -Matt

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