At MakerSights we believe that great retail decision making takes into account what’s happened in the past, where the consumer is today, and an intuition for what will happen tomorrow. Today we’re thrilled to be unveiling the first decision engine for retail which takes into account all three – arming retail decision makers with critical information to support the most consequential decisions throughout their go to market processes. I’m really grateful for the tireless work from our engineering, data science and customer teams to co-develop a solution with our partners that meets the high standards of the best brands in the world, and we’re thrilled by the early results we’re seeing; executives witnessing the long-promised unlock of data-driven decision making, insights and transformation teams seeing their strategic work informing decisions across their organizations in a scalable fashion, and design, merchandising and sales teams having access to the best possible information to inform their critical decisions. -Dan, co-founder and CEO

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